Personalized Vaccination Schedules

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Vaccinations offer protection from infectious diseases and are an essential part of any pediatric preventive health care plan. Pediatricians follow a standard vaccination schedule for most of their young patients, but at Discover Health in San Francisco, pediatricians Dr. Oded Herbsman and Dr. Jon-Michael Castelli also are happy to work with you to personalize your child’s vaccination schedules to help ensure all their patients stay up to date on their immunizations. To learn more, call or book an appointment online at their North Beach area office today.

Personalized Vaccination Schedules Q & A

If physicians have formulated a standard vaccination schedule, why would anyone need a personalized schedule?

While the pediatricians at Discover Health do believe the science behind the safety of the recommended vaccination schedule is sound. Some parents would prefer to give fewer vaccines per each individual visit, or to delay certain vaccines. At Discover Health, we’re dedicated to personalizing the care for your child, and to making the care of your child a partnership between the pediatricians and parents. We are willing to work with you to personalize the vaccine schedule according to a thorough risk assessment and lifestyle evaluation.

Recent California law has placed new constraints on the timing of some school required vaccinations, and we all must operate within those boundaries, and we will always keep the health and safety of your child as the number one priority, but we are dedicated to having an open-minded, honest discussion regarding personalizing the vaccination schedule for you.  

Not every child receives the recommended vaccines at the recommended times, and the schedule of recommended vaccinations may vary depending on where your family lives, your child’s overall health, and the types of vaccines available to you. For example, some brands of the rotavirus vaccine get the job done in two doses; other brands require an additional dose.  

What vaccines do children need?

Healthy children who can receive immunizations are typically vaccinated against 14 serious and preventable illnesses by the time they’re two years old. These include:

  • Hepatitis A and B
  • Diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis
  • Measles, mumps, and rubella
  • Pneumococcal disease
  • Hib, polio, and rotavirus
  • Influenza and chickenpox

Why should I vaccinate my child?

Getting all the recommended immunizations is one of the best ways to protect your child against many of the most debilitating or potentially fatal contagious diseases. Many of the illnesses that today’s vaccines help to prevent — such as polio, whooping cough, and measles — injured or killed countless children in the past.

And there are other reasons you should vaccinate your child:

Vaccinations contribute to “herd immunity”

When your child stays up to date with their immunizations, they’re less likely to infect people who haven’t received or aren’t able to receive all their vaccinations.

Healthy children who have had their shot for pertussis, or whooping cough, help protect any infants they may come into contact with. Babies don’t receive their first vaccination against pertussis until they’re two months old, and they still require four more doses to be fully vaccinated.

Similarly, vaccinated children help ensure that those with compromised immune systems, such as cancer patients, are less likely to catch a preventable disease.   

Vaccinations are safe and effective

Vaccines work by teaching the body how to defend itself when a virus or bacteria invades. Although some parents worry about safety, vaccines are only made available after long and careful scientific review.

Vaccinations protect your finances

If your child contracts a vaccine-preventable illness, they’ll be kept out of school or daycare until they’ve recovered completely and are no longer contagious. In addition to any medical bills this problem might generate, it can also cause you to miss a significant amount of work.