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Although doctors performing house calls may seem like something from the past, at Discover Health, it’s a regular part of our practice. If you’re unable to make it to the office, or simply prefer the comfort and convenience of being seen in your own home, the doctors at Discover Health, located in the North Beach section of San Francisco, can see you at your home, work, or even school. This team of naturopathic and integrative medicine physicians provides full comprehensive care for all ages. Contact the team at Discover Health today. Call to schedule your initial consultation or schedule your appointment online now.

House Calls Q & A

Do doctors really still do house calls?

You may not believe it, but what’s old is new again! We know that sometimes it’s not so easy to just pick-up and get to the doctor’s office. There may be kids to take care of, time pressures from work, school, and activities, or any number of other things which can make it complicated to get to an appointment on time, just to have the doctor see you 45 minutes late. If you schedule a house call with us, you can expect the doctor to show up on time, and evaluate and treat your child in the familiarity and comfort of your own home.

Here at Discover Health, we’re dedicated to not only providing the highest quality care possible, but also providing it in the most convenient and comfortable way we can. When you’re a member, you’re part of our family. And when a family member needs help, they should be able to get that help at home.

Do you do only house calls, or can we be seen at the office?

Discover Health has an office conveniently located in the North Beach section of San Francisco. We’ve worked hard to make our offices at once state-of-the-art as well as stylish and comfortable. Many people prefer keeping the doctor at the doctor’s office instead of bringing medical situations into the home, and if you choose that we’re happy to see you in the office. When you have an appointment at the office, you don’t have to worry about sitting forever in a waiting room full of coughs and colds. When you show up, you’ll be taken immediately to your interview or exam room, and we expect our doctors to be on time to the minute of your appointment time.

What should you expect during a house call?

When a doctor from Discover Health visits you for a house call, you can expect a timely and professional medical experience, whether it’s for an annual check-up, or because of an urgent matter. The physician will take the time to listen to any problems or issues, and discuss treatment options.

For annual check-ups, we bring with us the capability to access your child’s health history through our electronic health record, measure height and weight, do a complete head-to-toe exam, show growth trends, and even administer vaccines or draw labs, all in your own home. If the visit is for an urgent care matter, we can measure oxygen levels, administer breathing treatments, prescribe medicines directly to your pharmacy electronically, or refer you for further testing or specialty evaluation.  If you’re looking for a doctor who can provide you care regardless of where and when you need it, contact Discover Health today. Call the office or book your appointment online.