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Environmental Medicine

In the world we live in, we have those environmental exposures that are visible to us and that we are readily aware of. This is evident by the chemicals that are released into the air and water getting into our soil and ground water and eventually our food supply. Then there are those chemicals that are not so obvious they are almost invisible to us – yet there are greater than 80,000 of them produced annually and used commercially, 10% of those are used in everyday items, and sadly less than 7% of them are tested for their safety on human health and their impact on the environment. All of which contributes to our toxic body burden (link to the blog on this). 

Women are more at risk for a higher exposure to chemicals, leading to a high body burden. This is because women are more likely to use personal care products on a daily basis. 25% of women apply 15 or more products to their bodies, amounting to an average of 168 chemicals each day! For a pregnant woman, the risk is multiplied as she can pass on those toxins to her unborn child. 

The Environmental Working Group conducted a study in 2004. They tested umbilical cord blood in 10 babies born in August and Sept of 2004 and they found almost 300 chemicals. From birth, these toxic compounds are already there. In 2010, at a hearing of the Senate Subcommittee on Superfund, Toxics and Environmental Health, made the statement "A child born in America today will grow up exposed to more chemicals than any other generation in our history.” 

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