Manage Your Cancer Risk by Dr. Radha Lewis MD

Every one of us has some risk for cancer. However, if there are two or more cases of cancer on one side of your family, or a case of cancer in a loved one under the age of 50, you may have a genetic mutation that increases your baseline risk. 

We are pleased to announce that Discover Health now offers hereditary cancer syndrome screening and counseling. We test for 28 genes using the Myriad MyRisk Hereditary Cancer Panel. This panel evaluates elevated risk for 8 important cancers: breast, ovarian, colorectal, gastric, endometrial, pancreatic, gastric, prostate cancer and melanoma.

What do we do with a positive result? In the case of a known mutation conferring elevated cancer risk, we may increase the frequency of screening and surveillance as well as make recommendations for risk-reducing agents. We also offer counseling for family considerations that arise with a positive test result based on up-to-date research and published guidelines.

Interested in testing? Call Dr. Lewis or Dr. Sewell to see if you qualify for enhanced cancer screening.

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