Ideal Protein

Originally intended for athletes 25 years ago, the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program’s primary focus is on body fat loss and muscle maintenance.  The program was introduced to the United States as an effective weight loss program in 2008.  Since its inception at Discover Health, we have seen benefits that extend beyond weight loss including:

  • Reduced Cholesterol and Blood Sugar Numbers
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Increased Energy and Mental Clarity
  • Improved Sleep
  • Reduced Joint Pain

This 4-phase program outlined below allows people to lose weight using both whole foods and supplemental protein dense products.  The supplemental protein not only makes adhering to the diet easier, but also provides quality protein to build fuel burning muscle.  The muscle growth and maintenance makes it so our patients can eat more food with each phase of the diet and still maintain or continue to improve their body composition.


Learn about your Body

The Ideal Protein Diet serves as an incredible tool for our patients to achieve their health goals, but also allows our team an avenue to help them understand the underlying causes of their weight gain.

Patients meet with our team each week to review body composition analysis and discuss their individual needs and challenges.  This education process has enabled our patients to make long-term lifestyle changes to maintain their weight loss.

Join Us in the Transformation

Simply contact our office at 415-732-7029 to learn more about our Ideal Protein Program!