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When most parents — especially first-time parents — bring their newborn home from the hospital, they’d like all the help and expert advice they can get. Luckily, by the time you’re holding your newborn in your arms, you’ve already chosen a pediatrician and are ready to schedule their first wellness visit. At Discover Health in San Francisco, pediatricians Dr. Oded Herbsman and Dr. Jon-Michael Castelli provide comprehensive newborn wellness visits to patients in the North Beach area. To schedule your appointment, call or book online today. 

When should my newborn receive follow-up care?

Soon after your baby is born, they receive their first medical exam from the hospital staff. That includes:


  • Weight, length, and head circumference measurements
  • Temperature, respiration, and heart rate measurements
  • Skin color and physical movement assessment
  • Eye drops to prevent infection
  • A vitamin K shot to prevent bleeding
  • Blood screening tests, taken from a prick in the heel


After providing you with comprehensive newborn care recommendations, including detailed information on feeding, dressing, bathing, and providing a safe sleep environment for your baby, hospital staff will also ask you to make your first newborn follow-up care appointment with your pediatrician.


All newborns should be seen and examined at the pediatrician’s office 3-5 days after birth or within 72 hours after being discharged from the hospital. 

If your baby is sent home sooner than 48 hours after birth, you should schedule your newborn follow-up care appointment within 48 hours of being discharged from the hospital.

What does newborn follow-up care entail?

Your newborn’s first wellness visit is as much about making sure you have enough support at home and are recovering well as it is about assessing how your baby’s doing in the first few days after birth. 


During your newborn follow-up care visit, Dr. Herbsman or Dr. Castelli will evaluate your baby’s health in a variety of ways, including:


  • A complete physical examination
  • Measurement of weight, length, and head circumference
  • Observation of vision, hearing, and reflexes


You can expect to talk about how things are going with your newborn, how you’re feeling, and how well your baby is sleeping and feeding. If you have any questions or concerns about nursing or the formula you’re using, or about how to create a safe sleeping environment, this is an ideal time to seek advice.


If the results of the screening tests are available, you’ll be able to discuss those as well. 

Will my newborn receive any vaccinations? 

While newborns do have their first vaccination against hepatitis B in the hospital within 24 hours of birth, they won’t get their next one until 1-2 months later.


That’s why it’s important to make sure all the members of your family are up to date on their vaccinations, and that anyone who handles your newborn practices good hygiene habits, including frequent hand-washing.

To make a newborn care appointment for your baby, call Discover Health or book online today. 

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