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At Discover Health’s San Francisco office in North Beach, an experienced and skilled team of physicians is fundamentally changing healthcare. You can get exceptional, world-class care that caters to your personalized needs, as well as an enhanced patient experience boosted by cutting-edge technology. When you make an appointment, either at your home or in the office, you will always have plenty of time with your doctor to cover all your concerns. Should a health question or problem come up between appointments, Discover Health’s services include direct 24/7 access to your physicians via phone, text, and email. If you need a consultation or referral to a specialist, the doctors at Discover Health will expedite your referral to the best specialists in the Bay Area and beyond. They guarantee you greater access to your doctor than a traditional practice.

If you want to learn more about Discover Health’s primary care services, such as easy same day appointment availability, customized, comprehensive physicals and efficient coordination of labs, radiology, and unprecedented access to specialists, call or schedule your initial consultation online today.

Adult Medicine, Dr. Lewis

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