We love success stories in our community!

If you think healthy eating is just about the latest diet trend and looking good, get inspired by Rose who exemplifies the deeper rewards that come from living a healthier lifestyle. Here, she shares some of her secrets to date, and how her future is looking brighter than ever. 

Can you describe your health and lifestyle last Fall?

"I was sick, 40 lbs heavier. I had quit smoking, and gained weight there first. Also, I was on steroids, and had been for 9 months. That was contributing to weight gain. My health was suffering, and my blood sugar was at 114."

What was your weight loss goal and motivation?

"I knew that if I kept going at this rate I'd gain another 30 lbs before I'd get off steroids. Kaiser would not accept me in their weight loss program. I was desperate. I started looking around. And someone I knew had success here. So I thought "I can do this, too". I knew it would be a long journey, but my mind was decided."

How did you follow through on your intention and find success?

"I had help, that was a big deal for me. And I need the help, it's just like going to a personal trainer or anything else like that."

Is there a struggle moment you remember overcoming?

"Getting through Christmas. I could have just bagged it right then! And say, "I've failed and I' m not coming back". I don't think I gained any weight during the holiday, I had this program to rely on."

What has changed in your life besides the number on your scale?

"I feel younger. I look better. I was starting to look like my aunt, I remember being fifteen years old and hoping I wouldn't look like her. I think the biggest thing is helping the doctors that I have deal with my health issues. Now I am actually contributing. I'm not just saying "make me better". I'm helping them help me. My medical markers have improved significantly. My blood sugar is now at 93, completely out of the pre-diabetic range, which I have not been out of in ten years."

Would you have advice for others similar to you about this experience?

"You won't feel like you're starving to death. I've been on every diet and with most of them, there were times when I couldn't stand being hungry."

What's the future looking like?

"I know I have issues. Is everybody hungry all the time? I don't know. For me it's like I'm never satisfied. Before it's always been just a phase and then I gain all the weight back, plus. Now I see changes in my life. I still don't love eating vegetables, but I am starting to enjoy them more. They fill me up, and they don't taste bad. I'm also trying not to ignore my body. I actually look at my body in the mirror now. And seeing how I feel when I eat, that's a change."

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