Regardless of your destination, we recommend you pack a travel kit. This health kit is tailored to your individual needs, as well as the travel itinerary. Kits can be purchased at Discover Health, and will always include a solid foundation for medical needs/health issues that may come up.

Our kit helps ensure you have necessary supplies on hand, such as:

By bringing a consolidated kit like this, you avoid buying these on the road. The quality of medications is variable, and it is advisable to use any medicine taken at home in order to maintain a clear understanding of dosage units and language-specific names.


A travel health kit is useful for the whole family. Carry it as a carry-on bag, and take care not to add sharp objects to its contents and stay within the allotted size when adding fluids/gels.  


Talk to your doctor or check in with Chanel at the front desk to ask for information about or purchase your travel kit for summer: 415-325-2054

Babette Dunkelgrun

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