Thanksgiving Travel Advice and Hours

COVID Update:

In San Francisco, Marin, and San Mateo Counties, COVID cases are increasing.    

We are receiving regular calls about exposures to COVID and are seeing increased COVID in our members. If you are notified of a COVID exposure, please remember to quarantine for 14 days and let us know if you develop any symptoms. We can do PCR testing starting around 5 days after exposure (too soon risks false negative results). Quarantine should continue for a full 14 days, even with a negative test.  

Please remember if you think you have COVID and need to be tested, we are offering drive-through testing by appointment. Please do NOT enter the office if you think you have COVID or have been exposed. Likewise, if you have symptoms of a cold, we also ask that you do NOT enter the office. Instead, we offer anyone with cough or cold symptoms appointments at home or a drive-up visit. Whenever reasonable, we will encourage home visits to be outdoors to minimize risk to you and our employees. 

We are receiving many calls about our advice concerning Thanksgiving gatherings and planned travel. Most medical experts are advising against Thanksgiving gatherings and travel. A negative COVID test before a gathering is not effective in preventing transmission as patients often test negative when they are asymptomatic but are contagious 2-3 days BEFORE symptoms appear.

In the meantime, we hope you all will continue to follow precautions and remain healthy and safe.  

In good health,
The Discover Health Team

Discover Health

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