Meet Nicole!

In becoming a patient at Discover Health, you chose to be more than just a number or a name on a chart. We treat our patients as whole beings, and it is really important to us to get to know you, the person behind the face, the family story behind the person. So today we want you to feel the same way about us! If you have had Nicole take a look at your vitals, or draw blood recently, you will have probably noticed she often wears a smile on her face. Here, she shares a bit more about herself and her secret tricks when drawing blood for the patient who does not care for needles (eek!).

"My first time in scrubs was working in a lab in Eugene, Oregon during college. I was a student of biology with a minor in organic chemistry. My final project was in human physiology. We got to see zebrafish that grew human hearts. It was amazing!

I have also worked for a surgical oncologist. And worked in a crime scene investigations lab, which I had always had an interest in. I read two text books to prepare myself for the first autopsy, and ended up shadowing them for a year. It was fascinating, being there, getting involved with doing photography on the scene, and so on.

I moved back here in November to be closer to my family. Working at Discover Health is awesome. I have never worked with such nice doctors before. It is different from anywhere I have worked before, it’s really like a family.  

We see patients of all ages. Some can (often) be really scared of the needle. It is hard to be that person, the one people are scared of, but in the back of my mind I know fear is just a state of mind. After the fact it is usually not bad. I try to give them space before and after, and what works best is talking about dogs. We all love our pets! Lately I have been sharing more about my black lab, Maddie.

I live nearby as well, and when I’m not at work I enjoy trying out a new restaurant every week. The other day on Columbus, I had the best tiramisu. These little Italian bakeries are better than the Italian food I’ve had in Italy!”

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