How Are Your Resolutions Going?

By now you have made it to the second month of your 2018 chapter. Maybe you feel great about starting off this year with fresh goals and motivation, maybe you could use greater accountability support than you have had so far. If you have had enough of trying to manage your health, weight, and nutrition on your own, read on!

In our medical practice, we teach you how to shift your mindset from the quick fix, temporary diet to a long-term approach, from the peak and plateau honeymoon to how you can have a solid and lasting relationship with food (eating for fuel and pleasure). Balanced nutrition starts by simplifying all the noise around dieting trends and learning to eat what your body needs!

The greatest successes we see in patients who incorporate our low fat/low carbohydrate protocol go way beyond a fast drop of numbers on a scale. This lifestyle has the ability to promote better digestive health, prevent and reverse diabetes, lower cholesterol, and reduce inflammation. Many patients come in with perceived limitations such as autoimmune disorders, and surprise themselves by surpassing their health goals.

Confusion around the nutrients you need to find and maintain a healthy weight can be traded in for greater understanding for your body's natural point where you can stay without yo-yo dieting. You WILL better comprehend when and how much to eat in order to enjoy your life and feel good for the rest of the years to come--productive, happy, and energized.

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Babette Dunkelgrun

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