My kids love Alexa right now. I listen to whatever my kids ask her to play. At the moment it is either Imagine Dragons or Katy Perry. That is all our music at home! And they will start dancing around the house, too.  


I’m eating between 1pm and 7pm these days to support my nutrition plan, and I have been mountain biking a lot at China Camp in Marin. Sometimes my friend Arne joins me for the exercise part. He is ten years younger so he has got a lot of endurance.
I do a lot of swimming with the kids, too, so I really try to stay active. As the weather is getting nicer, I would like to get out there and do even more.  


One goal this summer is to better sleep train my children. My daughter Zaeli is 6 and my son Edgar is 9, and we are still working on training them around their sleep schedule. You need to put the kids to bed and stay in the room until they fall asleep, and then you slowly move farther across the room each night until they get used to the transition. Things like that take time, but it helps them stay in bed so it is a worthwhile technique.


My parents’ 60th anniversary is happening this summer, and they are both 80 years old. We are going on a Caribbean cruise with all extended family, it will be fun! We like lots of pranks and joking around. I will be found at the swimming pool and around the shuffleboard, playing with the kids, and after hours at the disco. I am not a huge cruise guy, but it will be fun with family.


It is a cliche, but it is just true: I have healthy kids, and healthy parents. They are all healthy and active. Family and family health is everything. We all like to get outdoors, even my parents still. I grew up doing outdoor activities like water skiing, hiking, camping, and surfing. I love having the outdoors in my life!

Dr. Clifford Sewell of Discover Health, located in San Francisco’s North Beach, is an internal medicine physician who has been practicing in the Bay Area for nearly 20 years. His mission is to prevent or detect at the earliest stages major illnesses such as heart disease and cancer. His philosophy is to screen early and leave no stone unturned.

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