Automated Payment Benefits by Jessica Gayheart (Director of Operations)

ACH Payment Benefits

Automated Clearing House (ACH) is an electronic network for direct deposits and vendor payments. Only available for membership fees, not including visits

  • Convenience: With an auto- mated payment, you don’t have to worry about writing a check, finding a stamp, and getting it into the mail on time. If you travel frequently, you also have peace of mind knowing that your bills are being paid. Flexibility: no searching for checkbooks or remembering it’s time to pay a monthly bill.
  • Safety/Secure: When customers provide the information required to make an ACH payment, it is entered into a secure system and encrypted.
  • Go Green: No paper checks = less paper. When you factor in paper invoices, postage and transportation, it’s a no brainer. Going green is good for the environment, and for your wallet.
  • Reduced Errors: With an auto- mated payment, you don’t run the risk of forgetting to sign your check or entering the wrong amount. Once you set up your payment, the same amod each month.
  • Set It and Forget It: With ACH payments, you can do just that by setting up recurring billing. Auto invoicing, payment and payment tracking; can it get any easier?

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