Pediatric Primary Care

Pediatric Primary Care
Most of your child’s medical needs can be met through pediatric primary care medicine. This pediatrician-based form of health care monitors growth and development through annual wellness exams and delivers essential preventive care services, including scheduled childhood vaccines. At Discover Health, located in the North Beach section of San Francisco, pediatricians Dr. Oded Herbsman and Dr. Jon-Michael Castelli strive to provide high-quality primary care services to children of all ages.

Pediatric Primary Care Q & A

What is pediatric primary care?

Whether it’s time for a routine wellness exam or your child is in need of nonemergency medical attention for a minor injury, a primary care pediatrician is their main health care provider,

When your child has an ongoing cough, a strange-looking rash, a fever that won’t break, or shortness of breath, your primary care pediatrician can usually assess the problem and provide the right treatment. Dr. Herbsman and Dr. Castelli can see patients either at home or in the office, whether it’s for an urgent matter or an annual check-up. And since you will have direct access to communicating with your pediatrician, you can decide as a team the best time and place for your child to be seen.  

What is preventive care medicine?

The cornerstone of pediatric primary care is preventive health care, the services that help your child avoid getting sick in the first place. Preventive care includes routine wellness exams to monitor growth and development, scheduled vaccinations, and advice on how to help your child establish healthy lifelong habits.

Making sure your child has all their recommended wellness exams comes with a range of health benefits, including:

Growth and development

In addition to monitoring your child’s growth and development to find out if they’re hitting all their milestones, you can discuss your child’s social behavior and emotional development.

Recent concerns

Your child’s wellness exam is an opportune time to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about your child, such as shifting sleep habits, persistent physical problems, or even how you can improve your child’s nutrition at home.

Illness prevention

Most vaccinations are administered during scheduled wellness exams.

What are the benefits of vaccinating my child?

One of the best ways you can protect your child’s health is by making sure they get all their recommended vaccinations. Here are three important reasons to vaccinate your child:

Vaccinations can save your child’s life

Many of the diseases prevented by today’s vaccines, including polio, pertussis (whooping cough), and measles, injured or killed countless children in the past.

Vaccinations are safe and effective

Vaccines are only made available after long and careful scientific review. Although immunizations can cause short-term symptoms and some discomfort, that’s negligible compared to the trauma caused by the diseases they prevent.

Vaccinating your child helps protect others

Making sure your child is up to date with vaccinations can protect those who may not be able to get them; children who are fully vaccinated against whooping cough, for example, are far less likely to infect an infant who isn’t yet vaccinated and for whom the disease can be deadly.

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