Shingles Vaccination

Illness and disease prevention is a goal we all strive to attain. Vaccinations provide protection against disease with varying effectiveness. The new shingles vaccine approved by the FDA and released this year, Shingrix, does a great job protecting you from the disabling disease. Shingrix has been available since April 2018, and clinical trials prove the two dose vaccination provides about 90% efficacy in preventing varicella zoster virus infection (shingles). You simply do not see 90% protection from many vaccines. 
The flu shot, for example, has variation in effectiveness from 15%-60%, depending on the year provided. Although the flu shot has variable protection, you should always get the flu vaccination even if limited in benefit for some years, since the flu can lead to hospitalization and even death. 

This new shingles vaccine will protect you 90% of the time. The common symptoms of shingles are red painful rash, on one side of the body or face, described as "burning to my skin, severe burning". The pain may be temporary, 2-3 weeks, and in a smaller number of patients, the burn sensation can be permanent resulting in long term disability. 

Shingrix is indicated for people over age 50, it is a two shot series, and the common side effects are injection site pain or redness, and overall very safe. We provide Shingrix, or contact us for questions about going through your pharmacy. 

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