Introducing ClaimAssist

We are pleased to announce the inclusion of a new service for our patients – ClaimAssist. ClaimAssist will submit all of your bills from Discover Health to your insurance company and support you in obtaining any available out-of-network benefits. We’ve chosen ClaimAssist for you for the ease of use and their knowledgeable and friendly team. Based in the Bay Area, they provide unique insight into the medical insurance challenges in Northern California.

If you were previously using HealthCPA for your claims, you will be automatically converted to ClaimAssist. If you were not previously enrolled in HealthCPA, but would like your claims submitted to your insurance on your behalf, please call our Administrator, Jessica Gayheart.  There are no additional fees and no registration or paperwork. This program is designed to enhance your experience with Discover Health.

You may contact ClaimAssist Monday-Friday 8:30am-5pm by calling 855-736-4436 or 24 hours per day/7 days per week through their online, secure portal at The ClaimAssist Team looks forward to serving you.

Chanel Aflatoun

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