Environmental Medicine Hack: Three Ways To Make Your Bedroom Work For Your Health

Environmental Medicine Hack: Three Ways To Make Your Bedroom Work For Your Health

Christina Youngren, N.D.

Taking Measures To Limit The Toxic Burden  

“Environmental Medicine is a name for all the things on, in, or surrounding, our bodies. So it has to start with what we do on a daily basis. Let’s take morning tea, for example. I drink from an insulated stainless steel travel cup because I prefer avoiding leaching products like plastics or styrofoam. Ultimately, I think of the body burden itself like a tea cup. We fill it up as we go through life (exposure, toxicants, stressors, emotional burdens). We are going to be okay, until the cup overflows.”

Every Patient Is An Environmental Patient  

“Did you know the one time women become most free of this burden is during their pregnancy, and more so the first pregnancy? Although we start to feel good, all the toxicants that have been stored go into the placenta! So you want to do some testing to see where you are with regards to for example toxic metals and endocrine disruptors. I did chelation when preparing for pregnancy that helped my body to move the toxic metals out and overall help to reduce my toxic body burden.”

Three Ways To Make Your Bedroom Work For Your Health

“Most people know we should not be heating up our foods in plastics. But take it a step further, how do you set up your home to make sure you are adhering to the cleanest standards? It starts right when you get home, by taking your shoes off. Otherwise, what are we tracking into our home, floors, carpets, and air?  In other cultures people do not walk around their home in shoes, but here sometimes we still do. When it comes to the bedroom, where many of us spend the most time, you REALLY want to make sure that is a sacred space for the cells to rejuvenate.”

  1. Avoid bringing dry cleaning into the bedroom. And if you are living in the Bay Area, there are actually many dry cleaners that are less toxic to begin with.
  2. If you are going to get an air purifier, let the bedroom be the place you keep it. That way you are breathing clean air through the night when the body is regenerating. This should help you get a good night’s sleep!
  3. Remove electronics from your bedside table so they are not near your head. If you have to have electronics nearby, sleep with the cell phone on airplane mode.  

Dr. Christina Youngren is a graduate of Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. She completed a two-year clinical internship that included all naturopathic modalities and a one-year residency in Environmental Medicine. Her focus is functional endocrinology, including hormone imbalances, infertility, preconception care, digestive issues, thyroid and adrenal disorders.

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