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Shingles Vaccination

Illness and disease prevention is a goal we all strive to attain. Vaccinations provide protection against disease with varying effectiveness. The new shingles vaccine approved by the FDA and released this year, Shingrix, does a great job protecting you fro

Oct 2nd, 2018
Flu Shots At Discover Health MD

Fall. Autumn. Back-to-School. Whatever you call this season, NOW is a great time to start thinking about flu prevention. The flu shot is your insurance policy to take care of yourself and those closest to you!

Sep 11th, 2018
We Live In A Dirty World.

Billions of chemicals are released into the air and water (2010 EPA statistic). We have those things are visible to us and that we readily aware of, which is evident by the chemicals that are released into the air and water.

Jun 19th, 2018

My kids love Alexa right now. I listen to whatever my kids ask her to play. At the moment it is either Imagine Dragons or Katy Perry. That is all our music at home! And they will start dancing around the house, too.

Jun 12th, 2018
21 Day Sugar Detox

Welcome to the sugar detox! This challenge entails the elimination of anything that includes sugar, sweeteners, and sugar alcohols, all of which are added to our foods and we consume, sometimes without even knowing about it.

May 30th, 2018
Self Care For New Moms

As a mother of two, our gatherings, texts, and phone calls center around the kids: their potty training progress, sleep patterns, and cute stories from daycare or the home front. 
Then recently, my sister asked about recommendations for snacks.

May 21st, 2018
Meet Nicole!

In becoming a patient at Discover Health, you chose to be more than just a number or a name on a chart.

May 14th, 2018
We love success stories in our community!

If you think healthy eating is just about the latest diet trend and looking good, get inspired by Rose who exemplifies the deeper rewards that come from living a healthier lifestyle.

Apr 5th, 2018
Introducing ClaimAssist

We are pleased to announce the inclusion of a new service for our patients – ClaimAssist.

Jul 17th, 2017
Introducing Spruce

This month, we improved our internal workflows here at Discover Health via a modern communications platform called Spruce.

Jul 17th, 2017
Why Running Can Increase Your Life Span

According to this new follow-up study by the Cooper Institute of Dallas, running at any pace for any amount of time is linked with adding more time to your life.

Apr 13th, 2017
Natural Solutions for Cold and Flu Season

Natural Solutions for the Cold and Flu Season As fall and winter approaches, most people find they become more susceptible to falling victim to a bacteria or virus.

Sep 6th, 2016
5 Reasons Kids Need Time in Nature

With the typical hectic schedule and busy lifestyle that comes with living in the Bay Area, here are 5 great HEALTH reasons why you need to get out into nature with the kids!

Jul 28th, 2016
The Drug-Free Way to Manage Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

In my last post, “Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis: What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You,” I explained what Hashimoto’s disease is, how it can throw off your immune system, and some of the health problems it can cause.

Jul 5th, 2016